Your Soul Purpose

Posted on 26 July 2017

Your Soul Purpose


It’s why we’re here - to find our ‘soul purpose’. What makes your heart sing? What did you want to do when you were younger? What do you want to do now? The great sadness is never taking the time to answer, or even consider, this question. We all have a reason why we are alive; we just need to start asking why. If we don’t, we become aimless, rudderless and eventually too gutless to ever try to get out of the rut that is our current reality. It takes courage, it takes effort and it takes blind faith, but when you find your path you will never look back!  You might possibly be good at everything you do, get pats on the back, pay rises, and fame, but if your heart is not happy, you will find sadness in your heart and you will look back on your days and have regrets.


Throughout this journey called life we also need to also find a connection with the divine. It doesn’t matter if it’s through religion, through exercise, education, through just being in nature, writing, drawing, singing, whatever it is, find what touches your heart and brings a smile to your soul – and find a way to do this for the rest of your life. This will help keep you going through the darkest times, when you don’t see any way forward, when you can’t get up in the morning, when you can’t even find the words for your sorrow, we all have a way to connect and we all need to find what it is for us specifically. You can’t be told, ‘here, read the bible’, ‘go see a counsellor’, ‘keep studying’, ‘one more lap’ you need to find it for yourself and contemplate what you are here for, if you don’t already know. All people either see to believe, or, believe – to see. Pay attention to your connection with the divine!


Another fact of life is that we all die! Whether we return is up to your spiritual belief but physically we will age, we will slow down and we will die. Some people pretend this isn’t going to happen, or are ignorant as to what this means, but we need to keep in mind, we have a time limit and the clock is ticking. Times are not getting any easier. The rich get richer and the poor, well the percentage of the population that are poor, continues to increase. However, the one thing that cannot be defined by money is you! Your mindset, your ability to change, the opportunity to be inspired and inspire others; to have self-respect and pride in yourself is entirely your choice! To love yourself and help lift others in whatever it is that you do; to be grateful for breath itself. Our doctors, nurses, social workers should be the most well-paid professions, but most do it not for the money, but because they want to help others. They have purpose in their lives in their career, and though it might not be their soul purpose, by choosing the caring industry, it is a good start. I’m not saying that we should all go into caring roles, I’m saying find the path that makes you happy (why you are here), create and contribute to make a positive difference in this world, and you will help shine the way for others. Whether it pays, or not, the greatest happiness you can ever find, is finding out what your ‘soul purpose’ is.




Posted by Len on
Very profound Scott and it has certainly been echoed before in many guises. Not only do I not disagree with a word of it, I applaud you for presenting it so well. It is one of life's fundamental truths containing a message that would provide direction and solace to many.