Note to Self

Posted on 16 February 2017

Note to self - don’t believe everything that you hear! 

We all do it; we ask others what was it like, is it worth watching, would you recommend it, is it a nice place? 

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a movie, restaurant, holiday or even a job, we ask and sometimes we take the response as a final and definitive answer rather than finding out for ourselves. This is fine for small things like avoiding a movie or deciding to choose to go somewhere else to eat, but we need to contemplate giving these things a chance for the simple fact that every decision is subjective. Your friend or colleague may have been in a bad mood when watching the movie, or, could you even for a second contemplate that you might simply have different tastes? The restaurant they went to may have had a different Chef, or it may have been the one meal that was not so good that whole night. For a holiday, some significant event or a bad customer service experience may have ruined their opinion in one particular moment. The weather may have been so bad that the beautiful mountains were covered for the whole time your friend was there, so they may have had a vastly different experience to others.  


This can also be relevant for someone who has worked for a particular company. They may have had a different boss, or a boss who works better with males than females (or vice-versa). Perhaps the person who is passing judgement may not like administration work and prefer constant client interaction, or simply dislike their office, or just the coffee. This is something you need to keep in mind, before being swayed away (or applying for) particular jobs. It is wise to delve deeper, ask the questions why the location, meal etc. was not so good, and then consider the evidence so that you can make up your own mind 


Many things are worth giving a second chance, and if you never get out of your comfort zone and simply go to the same restaurant, go on the same vacation and never try something new, you will miss out on some amazing experiences and meeting some amazing people! All this blog is trying to do is remind you that each moment is unique and different from the next. Although it is wise to be guided by advice from friends, colleagues and acquaintances - do not consider this gospel. Though we can go to the same place as someone else, unless we are there at the SAME TIME, we will not have the same exact experience! For better or worse, it's worth finding out for yourself.


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