I was born in Sydney (in the 70’s – just) and grew up in Lismore, where I completed all my schooling years. Through my adolescent years I used writing as a medium for my emotions and lyrical format seemed logical for me. Music, in all its forms helped me from an early age and I always aspired to be involved in songwriting or to be an author.

After moving to Brisbane at the age of 18, I enjoyed the college lifestyle  and somehow completed a Degree in Health Services Management at QUT. In 2001, immediately after my studies, I travelled through Europe with friends, “backpacking with a suitcase.” With these travels I gained invaluable life experience and inspiration and I also stayed on to work in some bars in London for under 3 pounds/hr! Upon returning to the homeland I worked and studied, completing a post-grad certificate in Human Resource Management and eventually I found my writing again and I got busy sending manuscripts to publishers and trying to promote some of my poems. What resulted was my first book “Songs without Sound”. A great friend of mine provided the ideal cover photo and another dear friend added some exceptional illustrations.

Initially I used writing as a coping mechanism to deal with depressed states, though after some life changing experiences, my outlook on life and my approach to writing changed dramatically. New verses became very optimistic as I learnt to treasure every moment. My first published work, 'Songs Without Sound' has a mixture of both old and new to show different positions in my life, (just as life has dark and light shades) and when you’re ‘caught between a rock and a hard place, you’d better mind the jagged edges!’

My second book of poetic verse is more refined than the first. ‘Songs without Sound II: Behind the Silence’ is a somewhat simplified version of the first, that reflects works up until my early thirties, whereas the initial book reflected my works throughout adolescence. I hope both of these books can inspire people in all stages of their life, as they covers the full spectrum of emotions and feelings that we all feel in our lifetimes and provides insight into infinite meaning and possibility. These books are a culmination of poetic verse (thus far) and some of these have been put to music.

Upon returning from a trip around Australia I finally branched out, trying my hand at a fantasy adventure e-book "The Battle of Chi." This was me finally letting go of my passion for verse and writing a more mainstream fantasy/adventure novel. The concept began with wanting to write a story with each of the the main characters being based on a star sign, but it became so much more than that.

Over the last few years I have been working on children's books, which resulted in the upcoming release of 'Roses are NOT Red.' This book aims to teach children that life is not always black and white and things are not always exactly what you are told they are. I have partnered with HeartKids and $1 from every book sold will go to this great organisation.

The dream is still to make a career as a writer (Inshallah), but though each day I'm riddled with self-doubt about my work, it is the joy of writing that keeps me going. Thank you to all my family and friends for your support, inspiration and belief in me – you know who you are.

A heart that beats with hope is a heart that has not been beaten!  © Scott E Rheuben