What’s wrong with our leaders

Posted on 30 March 2018


What’s wrong with our leaders


On Good Friday, it seems fitting that this is the day these words needed to be expressed, the issue of leadership (or lack thereof) in today’s society. Leadership is not something to be taken for granted. In many of our sports (and even jobs) those who have excelled or proven themselves within one particular role are simply handed senior roles. Whether they want it, or are suited to it, it is assumed by those above, that this is what is best. I have seen many instances where people who are exceptional in one particular role, promoted into senior roles, and the organisation loses its direction or flow. Technical specialists quite often make terrible leaders. In sport, the spotlight on Steve Smith is a perfect example. There is no doubt he is the best batsman Australia has seen for a long time, and one of the best ever, however this does not make him a good leader. Many people in sport are thrust into the limelight and expected to be great role models, but in the end they are just talented sportsmen and women, with very few (i.e. Kurt Fearnley, Jonathan Thurston) showing true class and integrity as leaders.  It is hard to know if leaders are born, or made (through experience), but a strong ethical awareness and sense of ‘the greater good’ is a common theme considered as strong traits in leaders past and present. Politics is currently full of bad leaders who are focused on keeping their roles and acting in self-interest, not showing any true leadership ‘for the common good’ and certainly not standing up to help shape a new future. Perhaps they originally had good intentions or just wanted a position of power, but these leaders have not provided direction for the rest of us who are desperately looking for some leadership.


Good leaders are good people. Ironically, they are often the ones who shun the spotlight. They get on with the job, don’t complain, help others out and are always kind and compassionate to people in every interaction. Perhaps we need to start looking (and listening) at those in frontline, or basic level positions to provide direction for our future. In 2018, the world over, we need those in power to start acting out of the interests of those doing all the heavy lifting, until then, we will just continue on the same path..




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