Roses Are NOT Red

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A children's book for all ages.

They say roses are red... but I've seen different.

Roses are NOT Red is a playful story that at its heart emphasises that things are not always what we’ve been led to believe. Life is not black and white; it’s all a matter of perspective. Wonderfully illustrated by Joanna Cuskelly.

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The Battle of Chi


Adil, an orphaned Ranger, finds himself responsible for a baby whose life could potentially hold the balance of all power and the King will stop at nothing to ensure that the child is destroyed. As the hunter becomes the hunted can he and his small resistance party save the child and fulfil the prophecy before it is too late, or will evil consume the world and all of its inhabitants? Can Darpana lead them through the dangerous outer plains and will the baby prove to be what everyone has assumed that it is? Will the stars align in time, or was it all for nothing? This is the story of…

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Songs Without Sound II

This book is currently only
available in paperback (78 pages).

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