The Battle of Chi

At a time of great unrest and unparalleled energy, the reigning King is seeking to gain total control over all living things. During this time there lives a range of earthly creatures and those considered in the realm of mythical fantasy. The stars are considered more influential and holy than the sun and though people marvel at their wonder, it is only now being realised just how powerful they are. Those beings that stand out in deciding the fate of the planet are born of the sacred signs of the stars. They each have their own traits; their own abilities and weaknesses, which would confirm if they are born of the positive dawn, or will simply succumb to the growing darkness.

Adil, an orphaned Ranger, finds himself responsible for a baby whose life could potentially hold the balance of all power and the King will stop at nothing to ensure that the child is destroyed. As the hunter becomes the hunted, can he and his small resistance party save the child and fulfil the prophecy before it is too late, or will evil consume the world and all of its inhabitants? Can Darpana lead them through the dangerous outer plains and will the baby prove to be what everyone has assumed that it is? Will the stars align in time, or was it all for nothing?

This is the story of…


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