Tides Turning

Posted on 15 May 2016



Where have we crossed the line; where ethics and morality conflict with egoism to create another excuse for bitterness between East and West? Pastor Terry Jones from Gainsville, Florida showed his ignorant views recently by suggesting burning the Koran, as it is the devil’s work, though it appears that he has now given up the plan after persuasion by the US President and other world leaders. Let’s not be mistaken people, this is simply one man’s yearning for the spotlight which in effect, highlights one of the major moral issues of our time. Equality and respect for your neighbour are hallmarks of any religion, no matter if you are Christian, Muslim, Hebrew, Chinese, Jedi or other.


The fact that there is so much outrage over this is commendable, though so is the suggestion that this man should be shunned by the media, not given prime time coverage. Even a QUT lawyer / atheist has put in his two cents by ‘lighting up’ with a few pages of the bible and the Koran, with a message “it’s only paper”, maybe not the smartest way to get a few minutes of fame. The livid reaction to Pastor Jones from some parties across the world has been to suggest burning a bible day, though governments have been quick to quash this movement.


In a decade that has had the dark cloud of the threat of terrorism over it and the history of rifts between east and west religions, now it is time perhaps that people need to remove the fear and hatred that restricts their ability to feel love and joy in their lives.  Maybe we just all need to simply say hello to a stranger today, rather than think they are evil people. Maybe it is time to do something different and help add some happiness to the world. Or else we can just sit back in our comfortable bubbles, and speak up when the natives (or foreigners) start getting a bit restless or outspoken. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to try something different and start focusing on the positive and stop listening to these little people!