Sibling Rivalry

Posted on 18 May 2016

Sibling rivalry


How many of you are like me, have a younger (or for me) older brother or sister who you have competed with all your life. It started with trying to prove yourself to your parents. Then you had to be stronger, faster, smarter than them, basically better at everything. Everything was a competition, no matter how trivial. Soon it was eating competitions (I won 21 weet-bix in a row-sorry mum), and then of course, drinking competitions (close when spirits aren’t involved). The truth is older siblings always get the best of everything from parents we all know that, but the younger child ‘deserves’ the best of everything.


Even now I’m competing. During school it was, who was smarter, and then of course as we grow up with our careers who could earn the most (okay I lost there too he’s a pilot for Emirates and I work in Lismore.. worlds apart). By now you’re probably thinking, throw in the white flag and wave the towel, but no, not me. I saw the other day he had more Facebook friends so I had to remedy that J I wonder when does the competitive streak ever end, or is it continuous, flowing from this life to the next like the length of a piece of disheveled string. My brother lives in Dubai, so we don’t catch up so much but via words with friends, the competition continues. Now if you define ‘success’ as money I am not even in the ballpark, but I’m as determined as ever to create the life I want to live and to make my own little career as an author of children’s book – more to come on this in the very near future! So let the competition in the game of life continue – it’s game on!