Minimum Temperatures

Posted on 20 January 2017

34 degrees at 9pm! Feels like The Truman Show where someone forgot to turn the dial down with the sunset. I mean where do you go when it's this hot on a Wednesday night? In other countries there are late night venues every night of the week, but I can't find my usual relief of a shopping mall or swimming pool as viable after hours options. Air conditioning is now becoming a necessity in more and more parts of coastal Australia and the major cities. Now I remember when I was at school having quite a few days over 40 degrees (we got to go home, how could I forget) but I don't remember these minimum temperatures being so astronomically high! As a wise man once said, the times, they are a changing, but if this is the future of summer nights, which used to hold such fond memories, then I'll go somewhere cool each year - till Autumn.