First Time

Posted on 18 September 2015


You never forget your first time, whether it be being knocked over by a ram, first time touching an electric fence, first chilli, I’ll never forget my first oyster – I still can’t eat them. First taste of vegemite, of kangaroo, first emu! First time I went camping, first time riding a horse, first time driving through a stop sign – sorry dad. First time I got drunk, which was subsequently followed by me saying it’s the last time, but never have falser words been spoken. The first time I drank sarsaparilla; the first time I ate Brussel sprouts (you can’t feed me them anymore mum!) My first exam, my first horror movie, my first fight… my first nudey run.  My first motor-bike ride, my first trip overseas, my first friend, my first chinese-burn. The first time I kissed a girl, the first time I got a woody and of course - losing my virginity. Once innocence is lost its gone forever, so all I can say is for your first time, make it memorable cause you can never get it back!


Posted by Cathy on
Soon you will have the first of holding your newborn baby, it is the best, the absolute best q