Faux Pas

Posted on 2 July 2015


  • If you go out with friends to a restaurant or bar, don’t sit and talk on your phone the whole time, otherwise you’ll waste your whole life without having any real ‘social interaction’ or real friends.  Consider actually turning your phone off during a meal (imagine that no stupid ring-tones for a brief moment) and then maybe actually talking to someone face-to-face, you know ‘REAL’ Face time!


  • Don’t call your kid rainbow, or apple, unless you really think that sums up who they are and will for the entirety of their life (imagine calling your kid apple and they were more like an orange, how could you live with yourself?)


  • When you are out with your child (or just have visitors around) try not to use that baby-waby voice with your cutey-wooty little ones. (and don’t talk to your friends children like that either). Also this goes for those pet-lovers, who pretend they have a baby and change the tone of their voices. We were actually meant to be the smarter species!!!


  • Don’t brag or gloat about how good your life is, how much money you make, or your new car, or all your holidays. Share yourself, that is fine, but keep it in check don’t go on and on and on as this will only make the other person feel inadequate about their life.


  • Don’t put your whole life on facebook (no-one needs to see all that shit). Keep things to yourself. What else could you be doing with your time – maybe actually experiencing life!


  • Don’t type stupid things on facebook like I feel tired, or a story of how you’re hungry, or what you ate for breakfast..  you get my drift.


  • Try and use some critical analysis when someone tells you something i.e. When a mate and I went to see a friend, his mother came out to tell us our friend would be out in a minute and the mate I was with sat down on their antique couch, and she quickly said

“we don’t normally sit on that” and he replied…

“nah, it’s okay”

(She didn’t say that for comfort reasons…. )


  • Stop taking selfies. This is your ego seeking confirmation that you are looking good, or having as much fun as everyone else. If you feel good about yourself, that is all that should matter.


  • When asked the (Q) Does my bum look big in this? Incorrect answer is yes, or ANY pause longer than a second. The only safe answer is an immediate no of course not (try and remember this one men).


  • Don’t be so NEGATIVE! There are a lot of haters out there, if you don’t have something nice to say… (c’mon don’t tell me you don’t know how this saying ends).


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