Don't try this at home

Posted on 19 July 2015

Don’t try this at home

Have you ever come up with an idea that seemed so brilliant but in hindsight was one of the most ridiculous things ever? This was our light bulb moment, we were going to start a food revolution, the meat and potato diet. No wilted lettuce, not even a boiled carrot just meat ..and.. you guessed it -potato. We may have had a few beers to come up with this ingenious idea, planning meals, which always seemed to be a bit difficult when planning breakfasts. Hash browns were a good supplement, bacon but unfortunately eggs were not an option. Mashed potato can fill gaps, mince and steaks, our weekly menu was underway. Potato gems or hot chips for lunch, wedges on another day, sour cream and sweet and sour sauce were condiments so were allowed in our estimation. We both shook hands and bet, what would have probably been a carton, on who would last the longest. A week was what we both aimed for, although after 3 days of limiting meals to twice a day, I was so backed up I had to give in. I was feeling crook and my body hated me more than most people hate Justin Bieber. I called my friend up about 10 days later to find out how he was traveling. Things were not good. He had committed himself to the week and was now suffering. He had been throwing up and was in bad shape but had pushed through for 8 days. He couldn’t believe I had only done 3 days, but I had memories of another time I pushed through in a beef shank challenge and I thought I would need an ambulance to have my stomach pumped. Anyway remember when it comes to food always stick with a balanced diet and don’t try anything silly like a meat and potato diet.