Undress The Raw

Put your differences aside
and the truth can’t be denied
Images captured in our hearts
A spiritual awakening
Aching as the earth’s quaking
Surveyors of a distant shore;
purveyors of so much more
My soul purpose
To prove that life’s not worthless!
As it all precipitates;
the pain escalates, as we seek our fate
Our dreams escape,
but still radiate in the night sky
Showing themselves when you question why
Are you big enough for my ambition,
or are you just blowing smoke;
expecting me to listen?

With fondness I regress to times with less
Undress the raw – and confess
Go the distance,
when you know your resistance
Show persistence;
no matter what circumstance
The scenery of ecstasy
Faith unwavering in the breeze;
Unruffled, unlike the trees
Here’s a moment to seize;

but only if you please