The Rabbit Or The Fox

A fraction away from satisfaction; passes with another distraction
I can't see the attraction, and can't see the reasons for your actions
Mistakes can take some time to break
As they throb and ache and keep you awake;
I never considered what was at stake, until it was too late
Faced with checkmate, I could never hand the stress of chess -
It leaves me distressed, as the truth is undressed.


Shattering in a deafening sound, when it hits the ground it can't be found
Then comes a deathly silence, as I wait for a new day to commence
Presences of mind to see the mood is tense;
As I tense up while the world is falling down
In search of sunshine, but I only found a frown
Flabbergasted by the volume wasted; you take a mouthful to say
you've tasted -
The mirror is honest, but unforgiving;
So will you hide away inside, or go on living?
You've got to learn to crawl before you walk
Think about what to say, before you talk
Dreams can come apart at the seams
And when it seems that the light has lost its gleam
And you've joined the wrong team
Make it through the crop until you reach the cream.


Concides with high tide as the heat is applied
How much can you bear? Been there -
Worn out by the emotion I wear;
Don't just wear that vacant stare, when nothing's there
Take a step forward, and people just want to compare
My efforts don't seem rewarded, and that doesn't seem fair;
Take satisfaction when you share the wealth -
Can't just be here to look after yourself
Life's paradox appears like the chicken pox: I've taken my fair share of knocks
But I'm not going to be just another sheep in the flock!

Lifes paradox is caught in the sound of the clock
Time passes with tick-tock, seems that the tact is to tick the next box.
Do you feel secure with all those locks? Are you the rabbit or the fox -
The hunter or the hunted? Is your hunger fed?
Do you live in doubt, or have you put those fears to bed?