The Grace Of Rainbows

Eccentric purple painted in concentric circles
While milk curdles in the summer sun
Only just begun, when the day is done
Tomorrow will come soon enough
Get some beauty sleep
and start again when the day is young
Time is on your side,
at least wait until the paint has dried!
A broken ridge; a lonely pine
A naked tree with vanquished leaves, baring its spine

Breathless and restless

Confident of a peaceful resolution

Poetic translations expressed by birdsong
Interwoven in natural fibres, to help us stay strong
Optimism blossoms in the shade of debris
Plant the trees of life and your vision will see
Reprehensible and incomprehensible - not sensible,
and insensitive to the orphans of torment
Comforted at last by the grace of rainbows
It shows in their glowing expression
Cut the tension and rest your heartbeat
Rise above and find your feet!