Barely Treading Water

Test the borders of a new world order
The suspense is so intense with a paralysis in dialysis -
You've worked hard when you have calluses
Critical analysis of a new hypothesis; photosynthesis become the new synthetic
Find yourself some diuretic and put it all on credit - an aesthetic version of pathetic.
Dig your own hole, if you're just going to get swallowed whole
Your version of realistic seems so pessimistic, as your doubt becomes cataclysmic.


Show some soul to achieve your goal; counteract the cataract;
brace yourself for impact
Disrupt the rupture and try to make a correction on corruption
It's causing tremors and rumours, which will cause a disruption.
On resumption, follow your assumption
From concidence, is there evidence of benevolence beneath the
Entrenched mentality will lead to soul's fatality
Shuddering and suffering; begging to begin - to be in control,
instead of stuck in this hole
Barely treading water, and my heart's not in it
The wind has left my sails and I feel like I've failed.


I need you to be my rock when I'm in a hard place -
Be my saving grace, when I need to save some face
Anticlimax; this money is gross and you've still got to pay tax
Can you see the facts through the emission of fiction?
Say it next time with some more conviction
My train of thought is distraught; distrust what you've been taught.
Undermined by the underline
There's a fine line between overdose and turning twenty-nine
A sure sign that you're on you way to doing time.
Show some composure and fix that posture, before you throw
away your last dime
Death threats fall on deaf ears; as empty as a Saharan well
That's been dry for years; no sign of tears, when there's no sign of fear -
Break the pattern of a career, when the road ahead becomes clear.

Been upright and outright for too long; uptight and downright wrong
Take delight in the sight of the light, so strong
Even the wrong can turn out to be right on
And that will be me, later on.