Hold my breath in anticipation of a greater war then ever seen before

the innocent victims, too hard to ignore
Vengeance on people's lips,

need the touch of your fingertips: in this time of need
Need to hope that love and unity hold strong
And that pessimists are wrong -
For better or worse, pray it won't take long.


How to symbolise all thse cries of pain,

now the US stands for all of us?
So hold the flag with a steady hand
And let the flame of hope burn late into the night -
Brace yourself for the greatest and deepest depresssion
That cuts deeply and bleeds forever, leaving scars a big as the
Grand Canyon
While this country mourns millions: so many, so young....
So keep the peace to win the war and move on
Faith keeps us strong, in this time of need.


Hold your breath while the dust settles and we're consumed by the darkness
As the lights go out, face the face of fear
Left with a deathly silence after the stifled screams
And through all the dust, wonder which ones we can trust
As we try to clear the stones and rubble,

ask what's next, no less than trouble...
As the clouds rise and the skies turn red,

take a life, or it's mine instead
Speak in whispers with your broken voice
The bleakness of the situation shows a hidden weakness
That can never be filled without losing freedom.
So unit to fight the war against what's too painful to ignore
And see that it keeps coming back for more.


Sitting on a bull's-eye -

can you look me in the eye and say it doesn't mean anything?
I can't wait around to see the scorpion sting
So should I use my wings to fly home?
Because we're no longer playing with sticks and stones
And I feel the end is nigh
But if you push the button, it's goodnight and goodbye.